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Samuel Fuchs, son of a family with a wide tradition in watch’s craft, after years of specialized work, researches and investigations has founded Dialfactory.

firmadigitalThis company marked the expansion of Samuel’s expertise in the area of restoration and creation of watch’s dials of all kinds and this is the main reason why his name became one of the premier companies in this sector, operating with the widest variety of calibers to fulfill his main objective, his customers’ satisfaction, so that each work represents a living example of his deep commitment and dedication.

Among our main customers you find great jewelry as well as prestigious national and international Watches jewelry, who come to us to perform precision work required and can like that offer their customers the quality service they deserve.

In this regard, our greatest reward is a job well done and the satisfaction of our customers whose expectations we over achieved and even exceeded. In every process applies a layer of varnish to extend the longevity of the field.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional question.
Main phone: (+598) 2408 – 3195
Phone (New York): +3474429164 (11:00 – 18:00)
Factory phone: (+598) 2408 – 3195 ext. 1005
Address: Tristán Narvaja 1768 – Montevideo, Uruguay

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Manufactured in Uruguay