Departament 1: Restoration of clock dials.

In DialFactory we focus on keeping the format of the field exactly like the original, keeping the font of the letters (marks, notations, etc.), as well as respecting the colors and background, as long as you so desire.

To do this, we have a database of hundreds of brands, drawn with great accuracy by our designers, as well as scales, registers and scales equal to the original chronographs. Restorations are made pocket watches and wrist.

For the present porcelain spheres of pocket watches in the background is made based on electrostatic painting, where our craftsmen achieve a finish similar to enameled funds at the time.

Departament 2: Manufacturing and watchdials’ sales.

Manufacturing and selling dials for chronograph watches at the moment while we expand according to demand. We manufacture almost all brands of the most prestigious Swiss watches according to the standards of the time or with the design of your choice.

One of our specialties is making from scratch of clock faces, to gauge known. We manufacture almost all vintage chronograph calibers: Valjoux, Venus, Landeron, Lemania, among others.

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Departament 3: Expert design.

In Dialfactory, we also have a specialized technical team responsible for the production of spheres to order. The department is divided in 2 different teams:

Digital Team: With the use of specialized computer programs in vector drawing, is done the design of the sphere you want, where the choices are endless.

Artisans team
Background: The team of artisans made metal backgrounds, colorful, effective soleil, satin, with numbers in low relief, enamel and even guilloche, among many others. Just send your design, and our qualified technical team achieved an identical finish that you want. It is necessary the caliber machine number of your watch for the welding of pines, if you wish.

If you do not have that number, we will need the technical specifications (diameter, distance between holes, and all others necessary). Submit your design and we will give a free estimate. Watchdials are not made above 60 millimeters in diameter.

Departament 4: Want to learn our job?


Do you need a specialist in restoration of watch dials as good as the Swiss masters?

We are now in a position to offer you a unique worldwide course on the techniques for

restoration of watch dials. In just one week we teach you all the proper techniques to

make and restore watch dials with today’s technologies and the craftsmanship of yesterday. A passionate and thrilling craft almost in extintion. You will be able to create a business with high demand in the world, or just to possess the knowledge to make your own watches.

This is a 7-day course that includes: accommodations in 5-star hotels, limo service at your request to drive you to the institute, etc. We also offer a professional interpreter in any language, and this course also includes a printing machine especially designed by dialfactory for the optimization of work quality.

All the background secrets, silver, gold, copper, combinations, soleil, glazed, brilliant, etc. Adequate inks for printing, centering and more. We offer the best knowledge of three generations in this business so that you can become the best technician in the world.

For consultations on costs:

Limited time offer. Personalized and unique courses.

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